Repair, Restoration and Community Spirit – The Aims of Riot Rebuild

After all the dust has settled on London and other areas of the country affected by the riots – the truly hard work will begin. Businesses and homes damaged or destroyed by the chaos of this week will need rebuilding, trust will need restoring and communities will have to work hard to mend the social rifts. As construction industry professionals, we should all be aiming to have a very real stake in making sure that the work that needs doing is undertaken with haste.

Lee Wilshire started Riot Rebuild as a place to connect those who have suffered with those within our industry who are able to help. Insurance pay outs are notoriously slow, and so work must begin sooner rather than later if the affected families are to be given useful, tangible help. This project, for want of a better word, has evolved into so much more than either of us could have imagined, and we send out our heart felt thanks to all those now involved. The retweeting, promises of advice, work and support, along with the myriad of articles are all helping to spread the message that real work now needs to take place.

We are working with some of those affected to get work started as soon as possible. The fantastic team over at are helping to arrange skilled tradesman to carry out the work, and the growing number of twitter users aware of the campaign continue to spread the word. This project is evolving at a great rate, and it is vital that you continue to support as the need for help is very real – we know you will, and for this we thank you. If you have been affected, or know of people involved, please let us know, either via email, twitter or in the comments below.

To all those who have offered your assistance, we haven’t forgotten you! New information is being released on a daily basis, and we will distribute this as and when we get it. This stage of the ‘Riot Clean Up’ is more long term, with a greater need for actual physical responses from the community. With your help the areas most damaged will be repaired and businesses will reopen, and families move back into their homes.

In the end, the most important thing is that the repairing and rebuilding process gets under way – we are looking to support this process in any way we can, be it directly acting between parties, or promoting those already involved. The spirit that all those involved have shown is humbling, we can never truly thank you all enough. We ask that you keep it up, keep the message strong, keep the plight of those affected present in the media. Riot_Rebuild will continue to do the same.

Thank you, from us all